Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spiders...metal and otherwise. I just don't understand.

Some things I don't understand.

I bought this copper spider and spider web years...and I mean
MANY years....before Jacob showed his interest in collecting
tarantulas. It appealed to me and I'm not sure why. 
Actually, I have two.

The other one isn't as coppery cool as this one but, nonetheless,
I willing and gladly purchased it at some art fair.

This one has been hanging in a window on my back porch
for more years than I can remember.

You know how things hang around so long that you don't really
see them anymore?  Well, today I really looked at it. And 
admired it. And was surprised in a way that I hadn't notice
this phenomenon before.   Who started collecting spiders first?
Me or Jacob?

I've never had an urge to own a live spider. I admire the
beauty of some of Jacob's tarantulas. I really do. But I don't
want to hold them and feed them like he does.

But I was surprised at myself. Why had I purchased these so
many years before my Jacob started on his hobby of
tarantula collecting? I wonder if they had some subtle influence
on him as he grew up? 

Or had I myself tapped into something that I unconsciously 
knew I would respond favorably to in my future and share
with my grandson Jacob?

I stared at his sculpture and tried to understand it.
I tried to analyze why I was drawn enough to it to
pay someone for it and hang it in my window.

I couldn't really pinpoint it exactly. 
Why not a frog or a bird?

If I figure it out, I'll let you know.
Until then....well, I guess there are just
some things I don't understand.