Sunday, June 5, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island BUFF I WON!

I don't win many contests. But then I don't enter many. 

But I do watch Survivor and it's one of my most favorite shows. I watch it upstairs in my bedroom.

I followed Jeff Probst's live tweets while the show was playing.
 Except for the week my granddaughter Haley had the 24 hour flu and threw up on my bed just as it was starting. That week I was glad I was taping it so I could watch the rerun but I missed the live tweets because I can imagine what I doing instead.

They had a contest to show your "living room" and how you watched Survivor and send over a tweet.

I snapped this picture and sent this Tweet.
I had my ipad set up and my tv on.

Now this isn't the best picture ever and certainly not award winning. But I won a Survivor Buff autographed by Jeff Probst for it. I think I won because it was different than the kind that most people posted. Most people showed a brightly lit living room with kids eating popcorn on the floor. That type of picture. Mine was just different. Maybe it stuck out for that. Whatever the reason, I won a buff!

I had to wait 6 weeks for it but it came just the very next day after I had wondered out loud if I really had won a buff and I wondered where it was. I was an impatient winner.
It's a long stretchy tube of a thing. 
You can wear it around your head like a headband...which is
how I'll probably wear it....or as a neck scarf. I'll probably do that too when the weather here in Michigan isn't hot and humid.

But here's my survivor Haley who survived the flu 
and got to wear it first to our Memorial Day parade 
where it was hot and humid and she was giving away lemonade.

She could wear it as a top. That would never fly with me. 
No way is it THAT stretchy.

But I got a major kick out of WINNING!