Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Themed party placecards

Lately we've done some 
unique  and different placecards.

Here's a card stock ice skate we did.
It inserts into a silver foamcore
base with slits for the cards to stand in.

Here's the same idea but with a TV show theme.
The foamcore boards with slits ship easily and
gives you the opportunity to set-up the place
cards ahead of time. Then you can just
carry the board into the party and set it on 
the table top and it's ready to go.

Here's an iTunes (or in this case hTunes)
placecard. The name card itself was not
a separate piece but made to
look like it was. The price of 
$3.16 was the date of the party 
which was March 16.

Of course, tickets of ANY kind are
always a fun idea. You can chose from
one of our previous designs or 
we can design something from
scratch to match your theme.
What can be more custom than
using your own photo for the
placecards. You know that would
be a treasure your guests would keep.

Email us with your ideas and 
we can work up an idea just for you.