Thursday, April 13, 2017

Class of 2017 GIFT CARD BOXES

By far.... the post I made in 2009 about graduation centerpieces has been the most popular. I've added updates to it many times to keep it fresh. Since I post more on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, I have not made as many posts here on this blog even though it's alive and well.

So I decide to post my favorite gift card boxes from this years Class of 2017 to inspire and also to show that I'm still here and working away!

Our gift card boxes are made from foamcore and often painted with high gloss Rustoleum colors. We use layered cutouts for lettering and photos to add dimension to the boxes. There is always a slot on top and a trapdoor on the bottom. 

Simple ones start at $85. Two to three level ones average $150-185 plus shipping.

They can be ordered by emailing me at

I'll keep adding to this page as the season goes along but here's a few graduation gift card money envelope boxes to get started.

First let me say.....we never limit the amount of photos you can use. 
Some folks use one photo and it can be great. Some use many and that's sure fun too!

Sometimes we don't even use a photo and it can be colorful, classy and fun also.

We can work with many different ideas just as Kyndle's shows with her 
one-of-a kind logo at the top that she designed and 
her love of super heroes leading her to her college studies in animation.

If you want to view more gift boxes from the PAST years...or centerpieces... 

I'd love to hear from you with your ideas for a 
cool graduation gift card box that reflects you.