Friday, July 14, 2017

Video Instructions to help you make DIY Party Decorations

Hello there. Glad you found us.
I'm Marlyss on the left who is writing this.
Stacey is my daughter.

I've been making party decorations here in Michigan for longer than I want to attach a number to.  Stacey joined up with me over 10 years ago. She has brains (went to West Point and got an engineering degree) and beauty and mad foamcore cutting skills and an overflow of creativity flowing thru her veins.

Stacey also has great iMovie skills so we've made some instructional videos to share with the world all the things we've learned about making and shipping party decorations all around the United States. We only ship in the USA but very often get requests from the UK, Canada, Australia and once even from Africa. We don't ship to these places but we definitely can offer our video help to folks anywhere out of the USA....or here as well in the United States if you are a do-it-yourselfer or a party professional who wants to enhance their skills.

We can always still make things and ship them directly to you but I realize that sometimes folks have really tight budgets or even just want to do things themselves to 
dig in deep into their party making process.  

We've learned so much over the years. Sometimes the hard way too. But we have grown and have made so many fun & unique party centerpieces and signs from the inspirational input that folks have given us to get our creative juices flowing.

If you want to dig in deep to make your own ideas or have to just because the budget is small but the ideas are large, one of these videos is just right for you!

Here's some of the topics covered in our videos:


 1. What we use for bases and where we get the material.
 2. How to make a hole in the base for elevated centerpiece poles and how to prevent
     wobbly poles.
 3. What variety of materials you can use to cover the bases.
 4. Where to get mylar.
 5. How to make beautiful mylar, tissue or ribbon poufs easily.
 6. Inexpensive poles to elevate your centerpieces and where to get them.
 7. What to fill the poles with and where to get the material.
 8. How to fill a clear pole.
 9. How to make a sprocket to keep your pole secure and straight.
10. How to attach props to the top of the pole.
11. What printer we use and how to get economical ink to make computer designs.

 1. What tools we use to cut foamcore.
​ 2. How to prevent choppy and rough edges when cutting foamcore.
 3. Best position for your knife when cutting thru foamcore to get even edges.
 4. How to cut perfect circles.
 5. How to clean up rough edges when they do occur.
 6. How to cut perfect stars.
 7. How to cut clean and crisp letters.
 8. How to make corner edges, rabbit edges, v-grooves and rounded edges. 
 9. Secret tips for bending foamcore and how to get concave, convex or curved edges.
10. The difference between white and black foamcore.
11. Tips for painting foamcore and what paints to avoid and which ones to use.
12. How to get a perfect and smooth glossy painted surface.
13. How to glitter foamcore to get the best look and avoid mistakes.


1. This video shares all the tips to make one of our most popular upgraded bases instead 
    of using styrofoam.

2. We share how to get the measurements right and tips for getting the sides even and 
    straight and a perfect octagon.

3. We share how to cut & glue each side and assemble it into a sturdy and re-inforced  
    party centerpiece base that will enhance anything you place on top of it. 


These videos are available for 
immediate viewing and downloading.
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