Friday, March 27, 2009


2012 UPDATE to the older 2009 post:

I've found the K-Caps shown below crack and break too easily and too soon and they
don't replace the broken ones for you. So I've found a better option.

Try these: (click the picture for a link to Amazon or check out Cafe Cup.) They work great and are super easy to clean and re-use.

I really like my morning coffee. It has to be strong and tasty. Usually that means Starbucks French Roast or Serona or Komodo Dragon. It's usually a Decaf or a bit of both. (I'm going for the flavor. I'm already awake so I don't need the coffee to wake me up.) Those are my favorites. I'm so spoiled by making it exactly how I like it that I don't ever order coffee out...unless, of course, it's at Starbucks.

Stacey hooked us all on the Keurig coffeemaker. Each of our houses have one. The kids make hot chocolate with it or tea.

The hot water dispenser is great for adding hot water to Costco's hashbrown cartons that need to have water added and let sit for 10 minutes to turn into some outstanding hashbrowns.

I grind my own beans and refill the little Keurig cups with my own Starbucks coffee and put a handy little plastic K-Cap on it. (If you have a Keurig you might want to check out these K-Caps.)

I also have a favorite Panera coffee thermos with the perfectly designed drinking spout.

I'm very fussy about my morning coffee. It's a simple pleasure but such a pleasure it is.