Monday, March 23, 2009

Puzzle Boards for Candle Lighting Ceremonies

We enjoy making puzzle boards for Bar & Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremonies. They have 2 large 20" x 30" photos on them and they sit nicely on a standard easel.

The bottom photo that is revealed is usually the older photo...but not always. There's no rule about that.

The top photo is cut into as many pieces as needed. We've done 7. Mostly we do 13 or 14. Again, there is no rule.

We use a small ribbon tab (see the upper right corner) to help in removing the first piece. The rest of the pieces just follow. They don't fall off because there is a tiny bit of color matched velcro on each piece to hold it in place until it's time to be removed.

The pieces can be handed off to a sibling or a dj helper or set on a small table. We've also added a back pocket on the reverse side if requested for the pieces.

We like making them. Especially when we are given such excellent photos like this one of Nathan. Isn't he such a doll!