Friday, March 20, 2009

Cut-out foamcore names for parties

One thing Stacey and I make a bunch of is cut out names. We often make them 24" or 30" wide. That size works well for 30" x 40" foam board that folks buy themselves and use for their own Sign In Boards. (We cut our foamcore Sign In Boards 32" x 42". ) Or, they are often for candlelightings with a 36" base or welcome/placecard signs or candy shoppe signs. Some are for big D.J. signs.

We use a combination of paint, glitter, cracked ice mylar and foamcore, of course! I'm still-and-always on the prowl for the best font for the job. We made the jungle pattern letters ourselves for Morgan and they were over 2ft. The leafy ones in the Shelby font were some digital alphabets we found.

I just recently discovered the difference between purchasing an "alphabet" and purchasing a "font". In case you don't know the difference either, the alphabets are just individual letters or numbers that you need to use as a pictures and you need to import them in one letter at a time. You can't type in a line of words like I'm doing here.

Here's an UPDATE to this post I did in 2009. These are some recent cut out names we've done in 2011.  Check out our website  and look on the CUT-OUT NAMES page and you'll see all sorts of names and font styles.

We love making these names and adding embellishments if requested. Our goal is to do every name in the world....and we have a long way to give us a call or drop us an email.