Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Fling/ Sign In Board & Ceiling Decor

Spring Fling in purple, fushia, yellow and lime.

Here's a Sign In Board we did that is one of the few that we
have done without a photo. I loved it!

We also did some ceiling decorations over the dance floor.
We took purple tulling with cracked ice rope lighting inside it.
We swagged that first all around 3 sides. Then we took one #40 sized
ribbon on the top of it and 2 under it.

In each swag that was pulled up to the ceiling there was a cluster of
3 big gerbera daisies, some leaves, some gossamer, some 6" tulling and ribbon streamers on both sides. We pre-made those clusters and just needed to lift and place them all around the perimeter.

So pretty and so much work climbing the ladder..up and down a million times.
Well...maybe not a just feels like a million.