Saturday, July 25, 2009

Peace, Love and the 60's

We get inspiration from a bunch of places. Here's a t-shirt we found.
I just love the way the heart swirls into the circle with the peace sign. I can see that as a
centerpiece design in foamcore and glitter. It would work so well for "Peace, Love and the Sixties".

Here's a fun one we did with a similar idea. I'd love to re-do this idea with the inspiration from the above design.
(This was the d.j. sign and big....about 4ft. by 8ft.)

I guess any colors could, black, white was are neon colors....pastels would be unexpected but unique in my opinion....turquoise and hot pink would be fun too...maybe with yellow or gold added in. I'll just have to keep this t-shirt in the back of my mind until something comes along. Now that it's here on my Blog I won't loose it and have to say...where is that design?...I can use it now and I can't find it anywhere.