Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Piano keyboard and guitar music centerpiece

Here's a mix of a piano keyboard, funky musical notes, the table name and one of our photo realistic foamcore guitars all mixed together in a large elevated centerpiece.

This swirly keyboard is different than the other ones on this blog. It would ship easy.

The keyboard is more swirly than a spiral so it would ship flat and all as one unit.
It's so easy to just add to the top of the pole...we're all about making it easy for people that
want to have a big & fun centerpiece. We've also posted this picture on our guitar website at

This website is a sibling of our main website

There is another website out there with a name almost the same as ours. It's just minus the "s" on guitarcenterpieces. He makes styrofoam guitars. We aren't associated in any way. He takes a different approach and carves styrofoam. We never use styrofoam except for bases and then we cover it up in mylar.

Here's a guitar that I admire....very artsy, isn't it. I didn't make it but I would like to give it a try and make my own version. I loved to do it in paper mache....maybe mold real hands and add them.

If only I could find the time.