Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gyrodon Merulioides....I think I'll call it a mushroom.

Would you look at this mushroom!

What a beauty.

My son-in-law Drew spotted this amazing flowery mushroom on his way home from work.

He knew I would appreciate it's beauty so we headed over there to take a picture.
That's me in the shadow and that's the very spot it was "blooming" in.

I also had brought along my handy dandy bear claw saw. And...yup....we did it.
We sawed it right off....nice and easy.

We came home and looked it up on Google and found out it's a Gyrodon Merulioides that grows by ash trees and it's edible!'re not eatin' it. I don't believe everything I read and I'm not that hungry for mushrooms.

I'm doing to hang it upside down and dry it and see what it turns into. I imagine it will shrink quite a bit. I hope it will harden instead of rotting and I can varnish it and put a fairy in it.

It did say online that you could dry it but not in the oven..not even on low...because it will cook it.

I'll post a picture later of what it turns into.