Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fat grams from Costco

So I'm shopping at Costco.
I put some heavy whipping cream in my cart for a decadently delicious cake I was making for our big Sunday family dinner with extra company.

Coming in the opposite direction down the aisle was a pretty blonde lady in a jogging suit.
She looked at the heavy cream in my cart. Then she looked straight at me. She looked me up and down. (I think she was checking my body fat level, I'm not sure.)

I wanted to say:
"'s just for Sunday dinner....really. I eat low fat almost all the time...even today for lunch I'm having celery and a half a peanut...honest....maybe one of these juicy peaches."

I rounded the corner quickly and there was a man who looked right at the heavy cream. But he didn't do the same "looking-at-me-thing". I think he was thinking to himself....mmm...I'd like that to be in my wife's cart.

But...whatever!....what's with the heavy cream looks? Now I know it was a large container but that's Costco, isn't it....all about the big.

Here's my cart from my next stop at Meijers. I'm glad the blonde lady wasn't in this Meijers.
What would she think of this.
Nobody thought anything of this cart.
No one even took a second look.

Oh's my cake and it was delicious.

I don't post recipes here but it was called Tres Leches and I found the recipe on a really fun blog by The Pioneer Woman who has loads of recipes that will kill 'ya.