Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Replacement Crew

Stacey left town.
She ran away Up North to Boyne Mountain for the weekend. (But I'm happy to announce she's baaaack!)

But while she was Missing In Action she was replaced by 3 people.
We brought in the big guns. Frank (88 years young) and Charlotte (a little younger than that) and Jim (even younger still).

Charlotte's task was setting up the placecard table and what a fine job she did.

Jim put all the lights in the sign and fixed any loose bulbs.
He's good with those tiny lights. He also got me the hotel's ladder so I didn't have to drag mine out of the van and all the way into the ball room. It's not that it's heavy but it's big.

Frank set up and jazzed up all the centerpieces. Another fine job well done.
(He's very fussy I'll have you know.)

I treat my "helpers" very well. I took them all to T.G.I.Fridays and we feasted.
That's my beer in the lower right....it was yummy.

(When they're not my helpers, they are my Mom and Dad and Significant Other.)