Monday, November 9, 2009

Dance Centerpieces in lime and turquoise

Here's some fun and funky and colorful dance centerpieces.

There are 3 layers here. The middle layer and a dancer on both sides.

I love these fun colors but then I always love anything with lime green!

Turquoise is tricky lately. It seems that Krylon and some other companies are not making a true turquoise anymore. What's up with that. I still like turquoise....come on....bring it back. We had to have some special paint mixed up to get our old favorite shade of turquoise.

I like these dancers though. They almost look like they are moving in front of your eyes.

UPDATE: (March 19, 2010)

Here's a couple of new pictures of dance centerpieces from 2
separate parties. Each had a dance focus but in different color schemes.
At one party we had the name of the party person on it.

At another party we alternated the word "Dance" with
the party persons name.