Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marlyss I Am

You might think with a name like "Marlyss" I am the only one.

Not so.

There's plenty of us. Enough to have a "Marlys Club" that anyone with a variation of the name can join for $5. I haven't joined. They are in Minnesota and I'd never make a meeting.  In fact, I find it hard to believe myself that there are enough Marlyss's in Minnesota to have more than a couple people meet for coffee at Starbucks. But it looks like they had a crowd. Maybe it's because they posted this following notice on their website and they got a good response. No...I'm not kidding 'ya.

Maybe you won't believe this next piece of information either.
There is a ROCK BAND named MARLYSS. 
Oh yes....really.
They own the domain name "" which should be mine if you'd asked me.
But no....they own it and have a very poor one page website on it.
They play songs like "Termite" and "All the Weeds". 
Don't ask me what I think of their music. Please don't.

But here's something I like.
There's a book and comic strips written about a red haired and freckled little girl named Marlys. It's written by Lynda Barry. You can even buy her book on Amazon and it seems to have wonderful ratings.

Ok....I have red hair and freckles. Well...sorta. Not as red as it used to be and not nearly as many freckles as this Marlys in the book has. Thank goodness for small things!
I'm sure you'll find this "How to Draw Marlys" information very helpful.
Something everyone needs to know. Or not.
This is probably more information than you ever wanted to read about the name "Marlyss". But one last piece of information. My Dad found the name for me. He saw someone with that name and she was very pretty and he thought if he had a daughter that would be a good name for her. Thanks Dad.