Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Suitcase....New Adventure

Jacob and I are going on our adventure soon.
So, therefore, I bought a new and
improved way of carrying my stuff.
It's like a big duffle bag on wheels.
Seems to be just the right size and has
lots of pockets and zippers. Pockets and especially 
zippered pockets are something I absolutely can't resist.

But...wait...I bought it from Costco.
How many millions of other people will
have one just like it?? I can just see all these
black duffle bags spinning around on the
baggage carousel all looking alike.
So I painted daisies on mine...subtle daisies.
And then I painted my name on it...not so subtly...but
near the bottom.
After all...I'm going to have important stuff in there.
Well, maybe not so important but MY stuff.