Friday, October 21, 2011

It's yogurt not mayonnaise!

I'm sitting at my computer multi-tasking.  Eating and working.

I had slopped in some fat free Meijer Brand vanilla yogurt into a soup bowl. It was fast and filling.

Stacey came over and looked into the bowl and looked at me. "Are you eating MAYONNAISE?" she asked.

Not on my worst most decadent eating day would I eat a bowl of mayonnaise.
After all, I take a cholestrol lowering pill. That would be like self-sabotage.
Besides...yuck. Who's eats that much mayonnaise? I feel guilty if I put a
tablespoon on a turkey sandwich. A whole bowl??

Then one night as I was channel surfing I saw Andrew Zimmern...that guy that travels around the world eating weird things. He was visiting a mayonnaise restaurant in Japan. Yeek can get mayonnaise soup?  mayonnaise drinks?  mayonnaise fondue?  He thought it was yucky and he knows yuck.

Oh's my blog and I thought I'd share this earth shattering interesting bit of information.