Saturday, October 8, 2011

Music Parties vs. Sports Parties .... Who leads?

In the year 2011 are boys (and some girls) picking a 
music theme over a sports theme?

Well...if you ask me, MUSIC is pulling out ahead.

Now we've done some sports party centerpieces and 
sign in boards and candle lightings. Yes, we have.
Here's a couple of signs with a sports theme.

ESPN of every sort, All Stars, Sports Center, 
Sports Spectacular, Game Day......some of the few words
we've used mixed in with footballs, baseballs, basketballs, 
hockey sticks, etc. Throw in some lacrosse and swimming
 and running too. Add some stars and lights and 
it cool and fun looking.

Even lots of sports tickets for PLACE CARDS.
But there are loads of up and coming guitar players out there. 
Could it be because of Rock Band and Guitar Hero? 
We've done Rock Band and Guitar Hero centerpieces elevated up like this one.

 We've made them simpler too.
But more than anything, we've done loads of
guitars in all shapes and ways.
Here's one of our newest ideas.
This works well on a round table in the
entrance to greet your guests with a fun guitar look.
Placecards can be placed all around
this centerpiece with its triangular base.
Guitars really do Rock!
We've done guitar centerpieces for birthdays from 1 to 80.
For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16's, Corporate Events, 
once for "Our Docs Rock"...even weddings and baby showers.
Of course, baby showers. "Potty like a Rock Star" is popular 
and the first time I heard that, I found it so hilarious and cute.
I still do.

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We like all kinds of themes.
Even some that are a little off the wall 
are okay with us.