Friday, December 26, 2008

Brain Teasers...most unusual in 3 ways.

Here's my vote for 2008's most unusual theme, most unexpected colors and most challenging to make in foamcore....all rolled into one very interesting party. I must say that I very much liked it.

The colors were burgundy, burnt sienna, chocolate brown and touches of golden ivory.

Stacey had to ponder this a few days before she jumped in with both feet and blended her engineering side with her creative side to make three dimensional brain teaser puzzles into two dimensional party illusions. We also spent more time than usual finessing and discussing and pondering the color combinations and supplies to order to make our colors blend with the balloon colors selected.

The party planner in charge of this party...Darlene from Starlite Stage Productions.....has a flair like no one else I've met. She also wowed me with her thick organized binder.

It was a party that we'll always remember.... as I'm sure it was for the guests that attended and had something very different to experience.

I love new ideas. Years ago we did another one that I'll always remember for it's uniqueness. It was archeology. (yeah....I did have to look up that word) It was done in black and copper and had treasure chests with jewels on some tables and pails and shovels on others. Black and copper is a stunning party combination, in my opinion, and it's hardly ever used. I wonder why?