Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Swirly Candle Fun

Thanks to Judy at A-BnCParties and a video she posted on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ZZiEHysos&feature=channel_page), we've been having some candle fun here. I made some for a candlelighting centerpiece last week because I needed some orange candles. While I was in the midst of making them a crowd gathered in my kitchen. I had 4 grandkids gathered around saying "Let me try" and "I can do that". We all ended up with sticky gloves and messy fingers and lots of orange candles.

I couldn't get my camera out because I didn't have any clean hands left for picture taking. All my hands and fingers were covered in paint...not to mention the mess on the counter.

So today we had another go at it. Haley dug into my candle cupboard and found some gold candles and held up some red paint and that was the beginning. We grabbed a base that will someday be used for a Candlelighting Swirl for a Bar Mitzvah but today it was perfect to hold her creations while they dried. She made some beautiful candles and she is wrapping them up for gifts this holiday season. How sweet is that!

I tested them on the last go around and they burned very nicely. What a great idea Judy had. Her videos are fast and easy. I admire her ability to make videos. I was thinking of trying to make a few myself but my hair...my hair!...and the makeup....wow...just getting myself ready to make a video feels like more work than making the video.