Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow and water lilys

We have snow by the tons here in Michigan. Actually....I love it. It's very beautiful stuff when it's fresh and clean and you have warm enough boots on. The only part I don't like is shoveling it off my big white van that doesn't ever see the inside of a garage because there is too much party stuff in there. Priority #1 is party stuff....sorry van.

How could you not love snow when it gives you so much fun and great photo opportunites.

If someone said what is the opposite of winter snow, I would say water lilys. I love water lilys in the summer on the lake. They very well might be my favorite flower. (and therefore is the reason they are in the title of my blog) They remind me of my grandmother and lunch in a row boat on her lake when I was a little girl....a warm and happy moment. It always amazes me that they grow in the water like that and are sooo hard to pull out. I don't often pull them out because they look the best right where they are and they aren't the kind to put in a vase. Although I have floated a few in a bowl of water but they close up and just don't look happy to be there. And you can't bring snow in the house and put it in a vase either.

I guess you just have to enjoy certain things right when they arrive and where they are meant to be.