Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerusalem Wall/Pink Floyd Wall

Here's a collection of "WALLS" we've done.

The top one is a Jewish themed centerpiece....the front side and the reverse side with the wall and the camel. Each foamcore brick was separately cut out and painted and then applied on the reverse side. I love the variegated colors.

The big middle swash of wall is a closeup of the bottom picture. It was an 4ft. x 8ft. wall that was used to leave message in. It replaced a traditional Sign In Board at a Bar Mitzvah. We used real cardboard boxes for that.
We took boxes with a hinged lid and sprayed them. Then we mounted them on a 4ft. x 8ft. piece of foamcore and put supports on the back to make it free standing. People could write a message and put it into the cracks in the wall between the stones. When they did that, it actually went inside the box. Later the messages were removed by opening the boxes.

The gray wall from was the Pink Floyd album. Again they were individually cut out bricks mounted to another layer of foamcore after they had each been sprayed a variation of gray. This was a Sign In Board and you could write on it anywhere...on any of the bricks. Thanks Ina for suggesting this
 cool idea that we could run with! We really enjoyed working on this Sign In Board.

Bricks and walls and stones make foamcore look like something it isn't.  How fun is that!