Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween box of leftovers

A few years ago we did some Halloween decorating for a private home and also for a club. I have a big box of stuff that has been hanging around ever since.

This year me and the younger set of my tribe dug into it and did some decorating.

I think this skelton head is the perfect addition to my woodsy little chair on my front porch with the little wooden "love" doll...don't you think.

So special.
Makes me filled with delight ever time I walk on my porch.
Oh yeah..not. (I can't wait for the next season....come on Christmas!)

For a few years this witch lady was just too scary but not this year!
She was brought out of the box by special request.
"Remember that witch that used to scare me?", Haley said.
"Where is she?"

Ahhhh...I think I can find her. she is in all her glory.

She use to be wearing a shirt that said "DETROIT....where the
weak are killed and eaten". I'm not sure where THAT shirt
went. Maybe I wore it out??

I remember using this guys head on a silver platter.
We put fresh parsley all around it and it sat on the food table.
Wasn't that so appetizing!

Jacob found a better use for it this year.

We found some glow in the dark chalk in the box and drew some body outlines in the street.
Then the kids laid in the outlines and we put eyeballs
and detached hands and feet around them. Yeah... I took pictures. I do that.

They had great fun ...I mean really lots of giggly fun!....but the pictures were... ahhhh.....disturbing. I think we crossed a line.
Two cars of people stopped and asked if we were alright.
Yeah...I said....we're just fine .....really....we're just getting ready for Halloween...
we're a little off center...but we're just fine....honest.

Who wants to decorate with cute little clowns and sesame street characters?
Not anyone I currently know.