Saturday, October 24, 2009

Art Fair Favorites

Here are some of the things I liked the best at the Great Lakes Art Fair.

Of course, I liked this. It has foamcore in it. How could I not!
What a creative use for strips of black foamcore. I could even see this as a party centerpiece with photos of the party family in the cubes.

I have a whole big bag of gourds in my garage that I wanted to do something just like this with.
This lady put a cute little animal inside them but I wanted to put woodland fairy creatures inside.
Maybe someday I'll get to carve into those gourds. In the meantime I'm not letting loose of them because I've got a plan.

I adore this ladies purses.
I don't ever carry a purse though.
I use zipper pockets in my clothing instead.
But I admire these at every Art Fair I go to.
She's at a bunch of them and I'll bet she does very well because they are gorgeous.

These life maps were so unique.
Who wouldn't feel very special if someone took so much time to create this extremely personalized gift. I was impressed.

Yard Art.
Yes, I own a piece or two of Yard Art.
I have a grandson who is intrigued by the idea of welding things together. Although he is only 12, I see some welding tools in his future. Not for working though. For creating stuff.  And then I can have more Yard Art and more things to hang on my wall. I like that idea.

This bookseller had the best booth in the place.
It was fairy enchantment. So, of course, I was drawn right in.
And, of course, I bought his book "Thistledom". He extracted it right from this nook in the tree.
I am enchanted.

I love Art Fairs.