Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Lakes Art Fair foam trim signs

Who goes to an Art Fair and takes pictures of the Art Fair signs? Me! I loved them.

I guess I may have loved them partly because they had glitter on them and were painted a bright yellow. I've always loved yellow.

Or, maybe I loved them because they used styrofoam moulding...just like the stuff I used around my ceiling.

I had some fun with that stuff. I got it locally at a place called Gingerbread Trim.

It was soooooo much less expensive than real wood and so darn easy to use.
Look how easy it was for the folks that made these signs to attach the sign on the back. Straight nails needed here.

Here's my moulding.
I even did the frame around the mirror in a different kind of the foam moulding.
And I also did a shelf under the mirror in the stuff.
Yes...I did get carried away with it.
(I used more than straight pins to hold it up though.)
The bow is wood.

I did take pictures of real Art Fair items too.
That's coming up later.