Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party Decorations: DRUM SETS and BASS DRUMS

We've had fun this year making some new drum
related party decor. Here's one we especially loved 
with this cool logo that the family sent us to use
in the center of the bass drum. It was from their invitation.

On the same track, here's a bass drum that sat on a 
Placecard Table with one of our amp boxes and
a guitar for a musical collage of three. 
We love that rule of 3.  
Now this drum might look 3D but it is actually one dimensional foamcore.

It's very similar to our guitar centerpieces.
Here's a side view.

We've also made centerpieces with
 a different drum look.
These were on a 12" square base and
the banners were the table designations.

We also can make a drum set
Sign In Board featuring your
favorite photo of your hot drummer.
Or....maybe just a fun Welcome Sign to
sit on the table with your place cards?

Or a Memory Book? We do those also and
they cost about 1/2 of what a Sign In Board costs.

It does seem like we've done a lot in blue, black
and silver. But we're open to using other 
colors. It just hasn't happened yet.

Maybe we'll find a girl drummer who
has a set of purple or pink drums.
Wow....that would be wild. 
I'd like that. I'll post an update here
if that happens.