Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Shoppe Ideas for my Friends out there

UPDATE: October 2011
Here's  a cute new one we recently did.
I like the words "Sweet Escape" but 
"Sweet Shoppe" or "Sweet Shop" works for me too.

If you'd like to see even MORE variations,

Sweet Shoppe Ideas from Marlyss Hollyer on Vimeo

 We make a bunch of different styles of 
Sweet Shoppe signs for candy buffets.

Candy Buffets 
 are so popular these days.

And no wonder. 
Who doesn't love candy...both
to eat right there at the party and
to take home too.

No gooey cakes to take home that
you might drop and have an
ucky mess.

As with everything though:
There are rules.
Can't always dig right into
the candy buffet before you
eat your veggies...hence we
had someone order this
"Candy Buffet Closed"
sign from us. 
I was playing around with my iphoto slideshow
application to see how it works and 
I made the quirky little video at the top of the page.

I hope it works but just in case it doesn't...
here's one of my favorite Candy Buffet signs we
made for Laura at Mitzvahlicious.
Laura designed it and we made it and we loved it.