Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Night Club" theme signs and foamcore kleig light

Whether you need SIGNS or CENTERPIECES or maybe a GIFT CARD BOX...we can make something fun and creative with a Night Club theme.
This gift card box had a battery operated light wire.

I think a Night Club theme is a fun and easy going theme.

You aren't locked into the "expected elements" like you are with sports or fashion or movies. You can branch out to something like zebra prints & fringed lampshades or make it disco or just do flowers and a custom logo.

Pretty much any colors will work but bright and bold neon colors are dazzling.

This D.J. sign had 2 very faux kleig lights at the top of the sign.....very fake, flat and one dimensional here but don't they look realistic. These lights look good too with actual little lights poked in the light area. They also look cute in a little skirted dance stage centerpiece for a dance or Broadway theme. They sit on the edges and face upward.

I also see a trend towards more "Open Seating for Kids" signs instead of placecards for kids. Great on the budget. And, of course, the important "Welcome" sign to greet the guests.

Here's a simple sign and matching simple free standing centerpiece.


Now in 2010 we have these very cool battery operated foamcore kleig lights. They would be GREAT for a night club theme. You could use them as table centerpieces. They light up and look cool on the table without any electrical cords needed. The light can be steady on or rotating colors. The light is not harsh so it would not be distracting at a dinner table. But they also would work well on a specialty table like the a Candy/Sweet Table or Welcome/Placecard display.  Think Creatively!

Here's a picture that shows the little bulbs that are in the light that give it such an amazing effect.

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