Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's about time to give up my polar fleece jacket with all the wonderful zipper pockets.

I stopped carrying a purse almost 12 years ago when my sweet grandboy Jacob was born. It was just too difficult to worry about a purse with all the baby paraphernalia. It had to go and I haven't missed it a bit.

I now go for anything with zippered pockets. The more the better. There have been moments when I've had too many pockets and was overwhelmed with all the choices but now I can't cope with life without wearing something that I can zip zip zip!

They have to zip. I discovered that after my cell phone sat outside on the ground by my van all night because it slipped out of my unzipped pocket as I slid out of the door. That never happens when things are all zipped up!

Look at these great new capri pants with the perfect...and I do mean PERFECT.....iphone pocket. They definitely do fall into the category of My Favorite Things.