Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jungle Safari/Rainforest dangers

When I deliver a sign I snap a picture when it's all hung in place.

When I ship a this one was....I don't get that luxury.

This was a big sign. (4ft. x 8ft.) All the pieces were not glued on so that it could fold for compact and safe and most importantly... economical shipping costs.

"Rockin' Rainforest" was painted on and also the same for the "and". "Morgan" and "Shelby" were each one unit and needed to be glued on when it arrived. The advantage here is that the names can be used after the party for a bedroom wall design. The same for the animals.

But here's my big issue. I have to stand on my counter to take the picture. (In this picture I didn't crop out the rugs and chairs because it gives you scale and also shows that it was on the floor.) I have to hold the camera near the ceiling AND lean WAY FORWARD so it doesn't distort too much. There's been moments when I have thought .... please don't let me fall on the sign! I haven't yet. I'm careful how far I lean forward but it still makes me queasy.

It's so much easier to take a picture of a sign hanging in a party leaning forward there. But then I have to climb a ladder to hang again my life is in peril. (lol) Who knew I had such a dangerous job???