Monday, October 11, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 9

Jacob strikes again.

This time he gets a
"Panama Red Rump" from a 
tarantula seller he met on
Arachnoboards and also works at 
our local McDonalds.

 So the whole family took a trip up to
McDonalds one evening at 9 pm to
pick up "Ronald"...the new tarantula.

 Jacob has a new tank already prepared thanks to of the great guys who works with
Drew....who no longer needed it.

Jacob carefully encourages it to get into its new
environment. Sometimes they are very uncomfortable
with the change of scenery and and can act hostile.

But this one seemed to be adapting pretty well even
though the previous owner said this tarantula could
be kinda mean.

Jacob has a leather glove. 
Actually he has a pair that I donated to the tarantula endeavors.
So his Grandma...who is taking these pictures (that's me)
says why aren't you wearing TWO gloves?
Jacob says he's fine....don't worry.  
I worry. That's what I do while I take pictures. 
Watch and two middle names.

But, obviously, this tarantula knows 
he has a friend in Jacob. Some sort of
"tarantula 6th sense" I guess.

Drew admires this lovely new female tarantula and says
it reminds him of the one he had in looks and size.
This one is about 4 years old and about 6" or more.
It's a nice big one and apparently happy to be here.
This is my all time favorite shot.
It sorta says it all.

(to be continued)