Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween in the 'Hood

I live in a Lakes Area. We have Big SUPERB GORGEOUS houses and not-so-superb houses all mixed in together. I live in a house about smack in the middle. Not SUPERB GORGEOUS but just fine for me....average. I don't have a washing machine in my front yard.

In fact....I have a problem with people who put stuff in their front lawn that doesn't belong there.

I don't mind decorations but junk. No empty flower pots. No gardens. No tomato plants in your front yard. Did you miss the show on TV about Curb Appeal??

We have some of those types dotted around our neighborhood. I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me to see JUNK in the front yard. Here's a slice of some crap in the front yard of a house near me. It makes me cringe to see those pots and junk scattered all over their front lawn.
So...I'm have this baggage. I'll admit to it.

Now I'm driving thru an area about 3 blocks down from me and ...What!...I spot a rusted 'ole pickup truck on someones LAWN! You know it caught my eye.

I start to get that feeling...that groaning feeling. Then I started to laugh. Cool. I liked it. Creative. I admire creativity.
I just had to snap a picture as I continued down the road.

Then I saw the competition.
Oh yeah....just a few doors down they had some competition...some very well done competition.

Although...if this wheel-less vehicle wasn't covered and gracefully draped in cobwebs and it wasn't 
Halloween, my blood pressure would probably have made a hole in the roof of my van.
But I actually admired it. I even got out of my van to snap a picture.

Pretty cool. 
I just hope it isn't there in November...and December....and on and on.