Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me and my iPad and Huma Lupa Licious

I needed to share my pure delight with you.

Last night I:

1. Had a cordless phone meeting IN MY BED with a client in another state.

2. I typed up her invoice on my ipad IN MY BED whilst sippin' on a beer called Huma Lupa India Pale ale that is described as "A complex malt and hop theme park in your mouth". I'm not sure if this is my all time favorite beer because I like the name....or I like the idea of a theme park in my mouth (that's so weird...sorry). No....I think it is the taste. It rivals Starbucks for taste in the beer department. I love it. At 5 o'clock I start thinking about it. The show "The Doctors" said 2 beers a day are good for your heart. I love to help my heart keep beating. I'm all for that.

3. I emailed her invoice as I sipped on that beer.
I thought if I could only print out a hard copy for my files, life would be just fine.

4. I looked for an app for that. There are ipad apps for that. Amazing.

5. I sent my invoice to my printer wirelessly. Yes I did. ALL FROM MY BED~~ with my beer.

6. And then Stacey gave me a wonderful bed tray because I told her I was using a cardboard box to work on in bed with my ipad. Oh my gosh....I love it~!!  I may never leave my bed.
7. Now who delivers food...I mean right to my bedroom and sets it on my bed tray. Who does that? Is there an app for that? There should be.