Saturday, October 16, 2010

Car Racing in go carts

What guy or gal doesn't want to get into
a vehicle and start driving before they 
reach 16? 

I'll admit to it. 
I let my underage kids.. and now
my grandkids... sit on my lap and 
drive my car down our road.

I manage the gas and breaks.
They handle the steering wheel...
with my hand close by on the bottom
of the steering wheel. (After all,
we don't want to take out any roadside
mailboxes...or parked cars.) It's fun.
They do surprisingly well.

So it's no wonder that go-carting and
this place in Michigan called 
Cart to Cart is a fun place for kids to
have that driving experience 
at an early age.

We made these cute and colorful and
personalized centerpieces for a local
Bar Mitzvah.

The Mom took the photos on a day trip to
the venue and sent them over to us via 
email and we made them into centerpieces.
We made the flags from foamcore and
the little "roads/tracks" from foamcore too.