Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kingthings Flashbang...our new discontinued font.

Stacey and I hung this sign at a pretty Bat Mitzvah party this weekend 
done in purple, silver and black.

I designed the sign and Stacey cut out the cute and crazy letters....
....and cut and cut and cut.

This font for "Tori" is called KIngthings Flashbang. 
Stacey decided we needed to call it our
"discontinued font"....thank you very much. 

A one of a kind....first, last and only.

 All those individual circles were separately cut out and all the 
FLASHBANG stars are cut from foamcore. 
Then painted and glittered with purple glitter. was sooo pretty....maybe Stacey will re-consider. 
I'll give her time. 
Maybe a year or so.