Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dance/Theater Costumes for DIY Party Centerpieces

Real dance or some theater costumes can be
recycled into cute party centerpieces.

We have 2 white foam core body shapes
that work for most all costumes and
their matching head pieces.

The costume size that works best is Size 8-10.
But just about ANY size will work with
some stretching or pinning in on 
larger ones.
We've even made centerpieces that
make use of the dancing shoes.
We can make a little shelf for the
heavier shoes to sit on OR you can
hang light ones like ballet shoes 
with ribbons.  The design can even be 
customized with your party title and in 
your party colors.

We can send this party decoration above completely
finished to you or we can send the white foam core
forms for you to dress. 

Here's the instructions
that show how easy it is to do.
Or, here's another idea to display
those beautiful costumes that may have
been used in a theater play production.  
Put the name of the play, 
the year and a photo from the play along
with the original costume on a big piece of foam core.

What a fun memory to display at the party.

Dance themes are so fun!
Email us if we can help with
any of your Do It Yourself projects.
Or, if you want us to Do It For You.