Friday, April 27, 2012

TV Party Centerpieces...who doesn't love television!

TV's make fun centerpieces.
This one was for a candle lighting ceremony.

They also make great 
those envelopes with cards and checks or cash.
They can be personalized with your own
photo and name.

Here's some TV's we made for an SNL themed party.

Also, known as Sammy Night LIve.

Or, how about vintage Television?
Something from the 50's with I Love Lucy in the screen?
By the way, this princess phone 
wasn't real. It was just a picture of 
one and we used some curly foam
wire for the cord.

We've also done TV's for little
kids parties. Lime green and orange
are kinda fun colors, I'd say.

Although most of our foam core TV's are 
3D, we can make them single thickness and more simple
when the budget calls for it. 
They're still cute, I think.

Can't wait for our next TV party. 

Personally, I love TV....especially reality shows like
Amazing Race and Survivor. But I draw the line
at those "Housewives of...whatever" shows. The few
I have watched made me wonder why I wasn't playing
on my iPad instead and I never could finish the show.
I think I would even have preferred to vacuum instead
and I hate to vacuum.  LOL. 

But I like to make TV Party Centerpieces! So if we do 
more, I'll add them to this picture list.