Monday, April 23, 2012

Healthy fluffy egg white omelet breakfast this weekend.

I eat this and I dance out the door I 
feel so healthy.

I feel like my body should be singing my
praises and thanking me all day long for
giving it such a delicious and healthy treat.
(Actually, it's just the opposite of the feeling I get
whenever I indulge in White Castles or
spareribs.....which I do....I'll admit to it.
I slink out the door.)

 It's a fluffy egg white veggie omelet.
No hashbrowns.....carrots instead.
Dry toast...but with strawberry jelly.

It was from Sunny's Cafe in
West Bloomfield, MI.

I had to drop some party
decorations off early this weekend
about 2 miles away
and I headed right over afterwards to
Sunny's and had me some fluffy omelet right after! 

 It makes me wonder why I don't eat one
of these EVERY morning!