Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smaller Candle Lighting Centerpieces

There's a trend going on to make Candle Lighting
Ceremonies quicker and shorter. 
This one had only 10 candles to light.

I don't think Candle lighting ceremonies will
 ever stop though because they are fun and heart-warming.

So I think they'll stick around.
But smaller can be good also.

Here's some with 3 candles.
 This one had seven assorted kinds.

Things are evolving. Let's move with it.   
We can do cut out names like the top one
on the black base that was made to free stand.
It can stand on a table with as 
few candles as you need surrounding it.

Then we can make a matching name for
the Sign In Board....and viola!...simple 
yet coordinated. Sometimes that's
all you need.