Thursday, January 1, 2009

4 resolutions for 2009

Resolution #1: Be less "in my own world" and more open....hence this Blog. Good start in that direction. That's what stalled me before when I started a blog.

Resolution #2: Be less conservative....Oh yeah...I like this one. It convinced me to buy an iphone that I have been craving. I didn't even have an ipod. Now my phone has one and I've uploaded some Elvis, Josh Groban and Nora Jones. I also can now check email wherever I am. I don't have alot of minutes.....I'm still working that "conservative" thing...but I have all I need for right now and I do have a bit of texting....again...small but enough to start with.

Resolution #3: Stop worrying so much about nothing that I can really control anyway. Deal with things along the way as they happen. I'm trying sounds like the way to go.

Resolution #4: My personal favorite.....Enjoy more beer. Yes, I love Guinness and my new favorite is Blue Moon Belgian Wheat with a slice of lemon. Oh yeah....that is very good and it's a good thing I have that conservative side so I don't start enjoying it too much.

I'm sure there's more I could be working on but
I'll save those for next year.