Friday, January 16, 2009

Fairy Health

So you do your mammogram like a good girl on a regular basis but you never want to be invited back for a "do-over"....uh huh.

You never want to hear that you need to come back so that they can take a second look...especially if you've had two grandmothers die from cancer and one specifically from breast cancer and your mother has also had breast cancer. I don't have a sister to compare her issues with but I think I have enough information to know that I'm taking this seriously and do not take the "put your head in the sand" approach.

So I do the "do over" but first I get to ponder it for a day or so. I decide to go garage sailing.
What do I find but something I've admired and craved. Huron Valley's Cricket Gift Shop carried these darling whimsical dolls for over $40 and I really loved them. I have lots of dolls in my house that I've made or been given. Did I need another one? Besides they were all so cute that I couldn't pick a favorite.

At a garage sale I found this special lady....still in the box and only $4. Really? Only $4. She's mine!
They all have little themes and she was Health. Is that a sign for me? And if so... of what? Regardless of what...I loved her. She now hangs in my fairy-themed powder room and whenever I look at her I fondly feel thankful that my "do-over" was nothing and I'm fine for another year.