Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Shower: Potty Like a Rock Star

Sometimes an idea comes over to us that is just so darn cute we are smiling all the time we are working on it. This was one of them...thanks to Katina in Missouri and the baby shower she was giving for her twin sister. Katina made the logo and came up with the cute phrase "POTTY like a Rock Star" and we made the little 10" guitars that sat on her 24" round tables. We also made the star guitar for the 30 guests to sign in on and added the parents-to-be's name on it. We loved using the cute variety of pink guitars we have in all sorts of fun shapes like hearts and bubbly shaped.

I think this is a refreshing and clever way to make a baby shower memorable and Stacey and I were glad to be part of it.