Sunday, January 4, 2009

Favorite Fonts and not so favorite

Yes, I really do hate having to use Helvetica. Sometimes it's necessary & required but I really do prefer to use a font with some distinctive style. It is easy to read ...just the opposite of the one above but that's it's only redeeming feature in my opinion. There are so many more that are easy to read as well and still have flair. One worth noting is "Unicorn". It's very helvetica-like but has enough small changes to make it interesting.

I took a Lettering class in college and really got hooked on letter forms and how they work together. It was one of my most favorite classes.

Now I search on the web at some favorite font sites. I love to visit:

They have loads of wonderful free & inexpensive fonts and I got Goombella and Reisling there and a weird named one called Feast of Flesh. Weird name but cool looking font. Also...all Kingthings are worth having in my opinion.

I've also purchased fonts when I just couldn't resist. I purchased Sarah Script, Hardy Har Har, Satisfaction, Elephant Bells at and I use them all the time.

We used Unicorn for "V.I.P. ROOM" and Goombella for "ROCK STARS"