Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you "On" my website?

I have a very smart and web savvy nephew named Mickey. He's a big cute grown up guy with 2 sweet little girls. He has a blog called: MickMelSEO

He recently posted 10 interesting things most people are confused about pertaining to technology that he hears most often. I guess I can be considered "most people". #4 on the list was that you are never "on" someone's website. If you say that then....well....Mickey would give you that look. I think I've been given that look more than a few times by Mick. (But he's also one of my favorite peeps anyways.)

He says you're never "on" someone's website. You just pull the page to your computer screen and then you're disconnected until you pull another one. Isn't that so interesting? Did not know that.

BUT....who wants to replace the word "ON" with "I just pulled your webpage to my computer screen and then I was disconnected and now I'm going to try and pull another one". I like the word "ON" better. I'm going to continue to say it and I'm going to expect that most everyone else is going to say it too. I'm very fine with that. I"ll just try and remember to not say it in front of Mickey cuz I want him to think I'm cool.