Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Candy and color trends

Here's a new and fun Sign In Board we made for Hannah's party. There are sharpie markers for writing just everywhere all over the board in all three party colors.

Turquoise, red and yellow has long been one of my favorite color combinations.

Lime green has replaced turquoise somewhat these last couple of years but I still love turquoise. The place I get paint from has finally decided to carry a true beautiful lime green paint called sublime green...about time.

I understand orange is going to be big this year...I'm watching. We've bought some very good looking orange glossy mylar but haven't dented the roll too much yet. We also finally found a true chocolate brown. What happened to pink and brown? And blue and brown? Now I have it and I'm not using it so much.

We're sailing thru red, black and silver though. And royal blue is always popular..every year.

I also love all the pastel shades together and when it's mixed with pearlized balloons it just never misses in my opinion.