Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phone from car? Pondering in a boring moment.

What the heck?

The sign says "Phone from car"?

Park sideways and lean out your window and use the payphone on this pole?

Not if someone else is parked there in the way. Obviously you can't park of the other side of this crappy phone pole because there's stones around the ugly old weedy grass.

Looks like too many folks leaned on this pole. Are they waiting for it to fall down before they remove it?
Who uses it anyway? Is there one person in the world who doesn't have a cell phone?  Ok...maybe a homeless person. But I doubt any homeless people are visiting this junky party store...although never know. Would they have money for a pay phone?

I pulled into the gas station next door and as I was pumping gas I saw this sign. Since pumping gas is one of life's most boring things to do my mind was wandering and pondering the usefulness of this eyesore. There was nothing better to do as I added my almost $3 a gallon gas into my gas tank.

Oh well. Time to ponder is over. Over and Out.