Sunday, September 19, 2010

Huron Valley Sinai...Our Home away from home....No Exit.

Huron Valley Sinai Hospital.

It's a beautiful place.  Lushly landscaped and an impressive hotel-like entrance. It's sparkling clean and good health care is given here. Parking is all low on the ground surrounded by big ugly parking structures here.

My whole family has been there on many occasions. Oh...yes.....many. And more to come.

We've all been patients or visitors on occasions too numerous to list. My appendix was left there about 15 years ago one fast and painful Friday evening that I would like to forget.

I remember an old crabby neighbor lady across the street from me who tried to get me on her side in her opposition to having this hospital built just 5 miles north of our houses. She said all that blood running downhill and down the drain was going to ruin our wells.  Really. I kid you not. She said that. I remember crazy stuff like that. I went "Huh? That happens? I don't think so." She assured me it did and it was going to happen when that hospital was built. Crazy lady.

There's lovely internal gardens all around the place.  This one is just off the cafeteria which serves pretty darn good food I might add. I never mind having to eat there.

There's this sign in the cafeteria looking out into these lovely gardens. It says NO EXIT on the door.

No exit to me means this is not an exit. Maybe an alarm would go off?  How'd those people get out there that I saw eating out there? From another door hidden somewhere?  I ate inside.  Dumb Me.  But I watched that door.

And I saw someone go out there thru it. Ahh...Ha. You open the door and walked thru. Yup....that's all.

My Dad and I enjoyed eating lunch in the lovely "self contained" garden that had NO EXIT to the parking lot. Now I get it.

Why not say "Welcome" or "Enter" or  "Open to the Public" on the door. Underneath that: "No exit to the outside of the hospital thru this garden". It's a big door...plenty of room for all these words and "Smoke Free Environment" too.'s a pretty perfect hospital except for this sign. Just wish I didn't have to go there ever but I'm glad to know it's there and I never....repeat never....have worried about blood in my drains. Crazy lady.