Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 2

After selecting a container, soil, water dish and discussing the size of the "hide" he already had we were ready to go. Jake named him Aragog and off we went.

Jake protected him on his lap on the ride home and I drove carefully. He only lifted the lid and peeped in a few times. He was very anxious to get his new friend home and in it's new habitat.

This was the 10 gallon tank he just bought at the suggestion of the pet store owner because the owner felt he needed a smaller tank than the 40 gallon one he already had ready.

Getting the tarantula into it's new home is....wellllll....kinda scary for the Grandma (that's me) watching.

Come on now.....get in there....gently....gently. I know they're fragile. But still. Let's get him in there and put the lid on. Yep...that's what I want to do. know what you're thinking. Yes. We did. Pay $89.99 for this tarantula. Oh yes we did. Well....Jake did actually. With his own hard earned money. I was just the "enabler", supporter and photographer/grandma/worrier.

But now...... isn't it a beaut! So worth it, don't you think??

More to come......much more....much.....much more.