Sunday, September 12, 2010

No...not Pan-er-ree-ah.

I'm driving. My Mom is in the passenger seat. My Dad is all by his lonesome self in the backseat. Got the picture?

We're headed to a favorite restaurant of my Dad's. Found out it was closed on Labor Day when we got there.

We were hungry. Across the street was a Panera Bread restaurant. I said to Mom, "Let's go there." She said okay. They have good soup. (and other stuff, of course.)

Dad, not hearing well from the backseat, said "whatever".

Until we pulled in the parking and then he yelled out "NOOOO....not PAN-ER-REEEE-AAAH!" (As in rhyming with diarrhea.) 

Does it give you diarrhea Dad?  What??  We love this place.  I love it so much I have a My Panera Card cuz I'm a frequent eater there when I drop packages off to FedEx. There's one right across the street. I love the place.

I guess it's because because they have no steaks.  Dad is big on steaks. He has beer and steaks in his veins. Especially juicy steaks like at Applebee's. Ahhh... That's where we needed to go.

Going to Panera is like asking a "Terminator/Clint Eastwood" guy to watch a chikflix, I guess. (Unless he has a laptop and loves the WiFi. You can't go to Panera without seeing 6,000 laptops everywhere.....but that's so not my Dad....but I digress.) now every time I see Panera...I think PAN ER REEEE AHHH. Can't get it out of my head.

Just like the time someone I knew said they were really mad and stomped their feet and said they were "F----king Fumigated". I'm SURE they meant F----king Furious but it was hard not to laugh out loud. In fact, I did. I remember that moment fondly.

Some things you just can't get out of your head.